The quality of education provided by the public schools in the Pikesville area is crucial to the success of the County’s (and State’s) commitment to revitalize established neighborhoods. Since perception of quality of neighborhood schools is one of the key factors in a family’s residence location decision it is vital that the County focus on its public schools.

A critical component of the success of this Greenspring/East Pikesville Community Action Plan is the continuing maintenance and improvement of the high standards the district public schools generally provide.

This Community’s respect for academic excellence is second to none anywhere in the country, and since the housing in this area supports a high tax base, we must maintain the desirability of continued residence in this area by providing institutions of academic excellence. School buildings must be properly maintained so that they do not detract from the neighborhood and adversely affect a family’s decision to locate or remain in our area.

The district schools for the Greenspring/East Pikesville Community are Wellwood International Elementary School, Summit Park Elementary School, Fort Garrison Elementary School, Pikesville Middle School and Pikesville High School. Some students from the Milbrook Elementary School and from the Sudbrook Park (Bedford Elementary) area as well as some other areas of the County outside of the Plan area attend the schools within the Plan area. Private schools in our area include The Park School, St. Timothy’s School, Beth Tfiloh School, Kreiger-Schecter School, Beth-El Congregation pre-school and kindergarten, and the Baltimore Hebrew Day School. All are perceived as institutions of high academic achievement.

The Education committee has met with the school leadership over the past three years building a working relationship of support for the public schools in our community.

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