The Corporation [PGCC] is organized and shall be operated exclusively as a corporation … with the following specific purposes and powers:

(a) To operate on a non-profit basis exclusively for the promotion of the social welfare of the communities located within the Corporation’s boundaries within the Second Election District of Baltimore County, Maryland, by addressing issues relating to land use, safety, the environment, and education in order to enhance the physical, social, and economic environment of the community. In pursuit of these purposes, the Corporation will:

i. act as a resource and clearing house to monitor issues that affect the community and educate and inform the community of problems and progress;

ii. support plans and programs for the community by advocating appropriate policies and actions by the state and Baltimore County governments including, but not limited to adoption of a master plan, zoning changes, capital improvements, and provision of public services;

iii. monitor proposed legislation as well as new developments and improvements to existing developments affecting the neighborhoods within the Corporate boundaries and take such actions as are appropriate to assure they are consistent with retaining the character of the existing community and not detrimental to the welfare or infrastructure of existing neighborhoods;

iv. support and assist member community associations, and homeowner associations;

(b) To engage in any and all lawful activities which are in furtherance of the purposes of the Corporation as stated herein.